Friday, August 31, 2012

Haras Firmamento select yearling sale, 6 Sept 2012, San Isidro racetrack, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Haras Firmamento (Argentina) has 47 yearlings for sale next September 6th at the San Isidro racetrack. Stallions represented are Van Nistelrooy, Emperor Jones, Honour and Glory, Giant's Causeway, Johannesburg, Wilde Event and Majestic Warrior.

Some of the lots are:

Lot 3 Selection Van is a ch. colt by Van Nistelrooy and Perugia(Forlitano), half brother to Perugia Wells (GP Selección G1, GP Criadores G1).

Lot 12 Van Tradiz is a ch. colt by Van Nistelrooy and Tradizione(Forlitano). Tradizione won the Clásico Francisco Baeza (G1, Chile) and is the dam of Tradizione Slam (Clás. R. Blaus - G2 and 2nd in the GP Selección de Potrancas - G1).

Lot 14 Crazy Van is a ch. colt [Van Nistelrooy-Crazy Fitz(Fitzcarraldo)], half to Crazy Ensign (GP Jorge de Atucha G1, GP Enrique Acebal G1, GP Criadores G1, etc.)

Lot 15 Catcher Van is a bay colt [Van Nistelrooy-Cacht Fitz(Fitzcarraldo)] half to Cacht Wells (GP Gran Criterium G1, Bowling Green Handicap - G2), Cachorra Wells (GP Estrellas Distaff G1) and Mr. Cacht (3rd GP de las Américas OSAF - G1)

Lot 16 Wins Top is a bay colt by Giant's Causeway and Miss Twins(Numerous). Miss Twins won the GP de Potrancas and was 2nd in the GP Selección G1.

Lot 17 Cachet Top is a by colt by Giant's Causeway and G1W Cachorra Wells (Poliglote)

Lot 24 Ette Honour is a bay colt by Honour and Glory and Bouclette Fitz (Fitzcarraldo), full brother to Bouclette Glory (GP Saturnino J. Unzúe - G1)

Lot 25 Hug Emperor is a bay colt [Emperor Jones-Hug a Slew(Seattle Slew)], half to G2W and G1P Seattle Fitz.

Lot 26 Zar Emperor is a bay colt [Emperor Jones-Sara Gold (Gold Trojan)] half to Gold Fire (GP Copa de Oro G1, GP de Honor G1).

Lot 43 Yuyu Nistel is a ch. filly by Van Nistelrooy-Grand Bijou(Gem Master), 1/2 to Bigness Emperor (GP Santiago Luro G1).

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