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Total dispersal sale of Haras Don Alfredo, Uruguay, March 8th and 9th, Uruguay

The Oribe Remates company will hold a total dispersal of broodmares and weanlings of Haras Don Alfredo (Uruguay), in the facilities of the farm, next 8 and 9 of March 2013.

The sale includes 134 broodmares, by First American, Nedawi, Top Size, Abasto, Fadeyev, Asidero, Confidential Talk, Robin des Pins, Adriatic, Gulpha George, Bullicioso In, Ritz,Plicck, Seattle Slew, Fund of Funds, Cagney, Honour and Glory, Tunder Gulch, Dubai Dust, Cloud Watch, Sea Borg, Burooj, Exlie King, Pitu da Guanabara, Hidden Prize, Wrangler, Equal Stripes, Halo Sunshine, Roi Normand, Editor's Note, Ferrol, Mr. Sem, Bright Again, Broad Brush, Sportin' Gold, Sunray Spirit, Ghadeer, Imaginative, Trempolino, Perfect Parade, Easing Along, Ibero, Equalize, Miesque's Son, Candy Stripes, Lode, Decisive, Final Meeting, El Compinche, De Quest, Petit Poucet, Robin des Bois, Patio de Naranjos, Slew Gin Fizz, Incurable Optimist, Marlin, Mogador, Monsieur Renoir, Yagli, Ocean Pearl, Jade Hunter, Roy, Maximilian, Forest Wildcat, Our Emblen, Subordination, Vermal, Southern Halo, Nugget Point, Ringaro,

There are also 80 weanlings for sale

Lot 2 Alem Da Paciencia (BRZ, 2003) is a chestnut mare [Nedawi-Valsa Do Queguay(Falcon Jet)]. She was 3rd in the GP Polla de Potrancas (G1). With foal at feet by Asidero and IFT Southern Lawyer.

Lot 4 Adelantadora (1997) [Abasto-Valery(Halpern Bay)] is a bay mare, dam of G2P Giumenta and G1W Achiles. Adelantadora is half sister to G1W Lavinia. With foal at feet by Ecclesiastic and IFT Ecclesiastic.

Lot 5 Andhara (2000) is a bay mare [Fadeyev-Almitak(Big Play)], dam of G1W Alcazar and G1P Alfaguara. With foal at feet by Ecclesiastic and IFT to Ecclesiastic

Lot 9 Adinet (1996) is a chestnut mare [Adriatic-Grandaughter(Private Line)], dam of G1Ps Punto Com and El Encopao and sister to G1W Abasto and G3W/G1P Adena. IFT Southern Lawyer.

Lot 12 Apolonia (1996) is a bay mare [Ritz-Alusión(Manguin)], dam of G1W Atelier. Covered by Asidero

Lot 17 Caterina (2000) is a gray mare [Ritz-Cumarina(Rocelle)], half to G1W Maremma and dam of G3W/G1P Calvaire (offered as lot 18), G2W Godfree Ray and G3W Catenaccio.Caterina sells with a foal at feet by Ecclesiastic and IFT Asidero.

Lot 29 Claris (2006) is a bay mare [Cagney-Adelie(Farmer)], half to G1W Viale. Sells with a foal at feet by Southern Lawyer and IFT Asidero.

Lot 31 Cara Vita (2002) is a G2W/G1P bay mare [Robin des Pins-Vita(Vivaz)].. Sells with a foal at feet by Ecclesiastic and IFT Asidero

Lot 44 Fade Frisa (1996) is a chestnut mare [Fadeyev-Frau Paula(Frari)], half to G1Ws Fanatic Boy and Forty Paulina  She is the dam of G2W/G1P Querubin GG.. Sells with a foal at feet by Ecclesiastic and IFT Ecclesiastic

Lot 48 Fixed Idea is a bay mare [Bright Again-Fancing(Bold Forli)], dam of G1W Right Idea and G2W Fort Wilderness. She sells IFT Asidero.

Lot 52 Golden Last (2001) is a G3P gray mare [Sportin' Gold-Jally Star(Perfect Parade)]. Not mated

Lot 54 Giggi Fazi (1994) is the dam of Ricocó (Group placed in Singapore). Sells with a foal at feet by Asidero. Barren.

Lot 61 Jovem Rafaela (1999) is a bay mare [Trempolino-Dear Rafaela(Roy)], is  the dam of G1W Imperrito. Sells IFT Asidero.

Lot 66 Love Back (1998) is a bay mare [Miesque's Son-Espadrille(Meadowlake)], dam of G1W La Espadilla. Sells with a foal at feet by Asidero and IFT Asidero.

Lot 67 Linz (2001) is a gray mare [Ritz-Royal Siver(Mount Athos)], dam of G1P Prime. Sells wIth a foal at feet by Asidero and IFT Ecclesiastic.

Lot 69 Lodevole (1995) is a chestnut mare [Lode-Fly Away(Keats)], dam of G1P Rienzo. Sells IFT Ecclesiastic

Lot 70 Lucky Girl (2008) is a chestnut mare [Decisive-Lucky Rider(Ride the Rails)], sister to G1W Luckily. Sells IFT Asidero

Lot 78 La Matta (1999) is a bay mare [Ritz-Charmante(Halpern Bay)], dam of G1P Cassiopea. Sells with a foal at feet by Ecclesiastic and IFT Asidero

Lot 97 Prime (2006) is a bay mare [Asidero-Linz(Ritz)]. 3rd in the GP Selección (G1). Sells with a foal at feet by Gulpha George and IFT Ecclesiastic

Lot 109 Ricorsa (1994) is a G1W bay mare [Ritz-Con Valor(Combattant)], Sells with a foal at feet by Southen Lawyer and IFT Asidero.

Lot 113 Ricordi (2008) is a chestnut mare by Robin des Pins and Ricorsa.

Lot 115 Regal Pins (2001) is a G2W bay mare [Robin des Pins-Regal Tudor(Clericy)]. Barren

The catalogues can be found here and here

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